Emotions, behaviors
& context in real time

In hyper competitive markets, brands need to continuously engage with consumers and stakeholders to maintain an accurate understanding of attitudes, opinions and preferences.

But the way most research agencies do this—via boring email survey—is too slow & outdated for the modern enterprise. Today, mobile messaging platforms have become the killer app—the number one way people young & old communicate, and the channel where they reveal their deepest thoughts and personal opinions.

To make truly consumer-centric decisions, you need to engage people through the channels they themselves use. Our proven process blends conversational research design principles with the power of mobile messaging platforms to get you closer to the authentic insights of your customers.


Step 1 Engage customers in the moment

Connect with your audience via modern messaging platforms rather than email, using a wide range of demographic, behavioral, attitudinal and psychographic variables.

Trimming the fat of traditional insight approaches

The Old Way

    Traditional formal surveys
    Email Surveys
    Closed & Open-ended questions
    One-way dialogue
    Desktop first
    Overly reliant on recall
    “You come to us”

The Reach3 Way

    Conversational qual/quant approaches
    Connect via messaging apps & SMS
    +Photos, images, videos, emojis & locations
    Two-way conversations + implicit + context
    Mobile first
    Instant, in-the-moment, immersive
    “We come to you”

Xổ số miền bắc thứ bảyConversational approaches drive immediate engagement, with 60% response and recontact rates making this a powerful way to capture ongoing, iterative insights and deep consumer understanding

Step 2 Unlock deeper, more experiential insights

Capture rich, authentic stream-of-consciousness feedback via conversational qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Getting people out of “research mode”

We believe that to get the genuine feedback of respondents, you have to get them out of “research mode.” Traditional research approaches tend to make people rationalize their responses and are overly reliant on recall. Conversational approaches help address this challenge by capturing feedback in-the-moment in the channels people already use to talk to their friends and family.



more content compared to traditional, text-based open-ends


Step 3 Inspire stakeholders with digital storytelling

Deliver fast actionable insights and impact throughout the enterprise via dynamic and modern storytelling deliverables

Inspiring decision-makers to take action

Xổ số miền bắc thứ bảyWe leverage modern storytelling techniques to make it easy for clients to activate the most important insights. Our deliverables include highly curated mobile dashboards that reveal the “so what” behind the “why.” These deliverables feature both robust quantitative data along with immersive videos and photos—rich content that reveals both the decision dynamics and emotions of your audience.